Sticky Ginger - Suppliers

Sticky Ginger - Suppliers

We try wherever possible to use local suppliers and locally produced ingredients. That means that both us and you, the customer, know where things have come from and what has gone into them (and perhaps more importantly what hasn't!). Farming is a precarious business at the best of times and we aim to support our farmers. The Dales landscape wouldn't look like it does without them. Using local suppliers also means fewer food miles and reduced packaging. Furthermore money spent at a local outlet using regional suppliers has a greater effect on the neighbouring economy. However we do sell a small selection of items from outside Yorkshire because they are just so great.

With all that in mind, below is a list of some of our suppliers. Some of them you will probably have heard of and already love their produce. Others are not so well known - come to Sticky Ginger and try them out!

Hammonds Butchers
A family butchers from Bainbridge supplying high quality local meat at breakneck speed. Watch out for Nigel's blue van!

Raydale Preserves
Made just up the road on a traditional family run farm using traditional methods and recipes. When you've tried them, go and see them being made - we'll give you directions.

Wensleydale Creamery - cheese Gromit!
The spiritual home of Wensleydale cheese and purchaser of most of the output of Wensleydale's cows. Fantastic in our bacon and cheese soup or with a slice of fruit cake.

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